Monday, July 1, 2013

happy, happy birthday Anna dear! - 8 is Great!

birthdays are special.  so we like to give each child a chance to plan their special day.  since we already partied it up with friends back in May.  Anna chose a to spend her day taking a break from swim team, eating german pancakes for breakfast, lunch with Grandma Colleen, and french toast for dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Beardsley at home.  

she wished for a baby sister born on her birthday, and contractions were making it seem like she might get her wish.  but alas, she had to settle for a mani-pedi from Aunt Tara, loads of spoiling from the grandparents, and some sweet treats from sisters and brother.

Dear Anna,

you are just as sweet as pie.  dad and i could not have dreamed up a more perfect first born.  you are eager to learn at home, school, sports and church.  you love to know the rules so you can be sure to follow them.  you love your siblings with your whole heart, and show it through kindness and sharing. when conflicts do arise, i can count on you to try and be a peacemaker.  we are so proud of the decisions that you make and look forward to sharing your special decision to be baptized.  it seems like just yesterday you were a babe in my arms, and though sometimes a yearn to hold you like that again, i am so excited to continue watching you grow into a beautiful and sweet young lady.  thank you for all that you are.

mom and dad

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