Sunday, June 30, 2013

goodnight sweet 7 year old!

we have a birthday tradition in our little family of taking a "last day as __" photo.  these are always so precious to me as we reminisce about the year that has past and all the fun we've had and growing that has happened.  to me 8 is a big birthday, it's a milestone and a transition from little kid to big kid.  and this sweet seven year old just cannot wait until the morning.  

goodnight sweet seven year old Anna.  this year has been filled with achievements (finishing 1st grade, student of the year, starting piano, 1st season of tennis, swim team) and the continuation of your reputation as an awesome big sister and helper.  thank you so much for being such a great example of sweetness and light in our home.  we love you and look forward to celebrating with you tomorrow!

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