Sunday, June 9, 2013

Madeline's Loses her First Tooth!

every kid looks forward to losing their first tooth, but i think little siblings are even more anxious.  after watching Anna lose 9 teeth, Madeline has been anxiously awaiting her moment.  she felt the first wigglings weeks ago.  then the tooth became really loose.  then she showed us how different she is from her sister, by treating the tooth VERY gingerly over the last several days, almost never wiggling it, or playing with it at all.  she refused every offer to help it along, even the dentist couldn't convince her to tug it out.  then, while brushing her teeth, Colin tried to grab her toothbrush causing it to bump that tooth just the right way. finally, she lost that first tooth!
 it's amazing how small it is compared to Anna's.  she has Jason's teeth and Anna mine. 

 i found these toys in their room last week and had Avery put them in the toy room where they belong. tonight I was chastised because Madeline had placed them there in preparation for the loss of her tooth.  my bad.  so, the girls went to work creating a luxurious oasis for the tooth fairy.  there's a spa to relax in,some treats to enjoy, a bed if she needs a nap, and to top it off princesses and ponies hold up a "Welcome Tooth Fairy" sign.  

the pixie dust Madeline discovered the next morning confirmed the fairy did indeed take a break in the hot tub but probably didn't have time for a nap.  she also apparently loved the sign, because there was pixie dust all over it.  i know Avery is dying to lose a tooth, i'm not sure the pageantry is appreciated by Colin.  

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