Saturday, August 2, 2008

friends, or more????

i am so happy that we have been able to participate in a neighborhood babysitting co-op. most people say, "oh yeah, that's great, but i couldn't do the part where the other kids are at your house." i wholeheartedly disagree. sure, not every night is a walk in the park, and we do dinner too, which isn't what most would call "easy" but watching these little friendships in action is priceless. i love to become a fly on the wall and listen in on their precious conversations and imaginative games. (sure i have to be ready to swoop in and institute a time-out for hitting once in a while) but it's so fun! this week we had Parker and Gray over. it's always a challenge to entertain boys at our house. thank goodness for blocks! these 2 busy builders spent hours constructing the perfect castles and imagining who lived inside. meanwhile, i made some burritos and found these 2 like this:
i have no idea how many minutes they embraced, but after i took the pictures Parker turned around and smiled "CHEESE!" it was classic. then i think he got a little camera shy.

thanks to the Thompsons for being out babysitting buddies!!!

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~love said...

so cute! i love listening in on their conversations...and catching their sweet hugs like this. =)