Monday, August 25, 2008

Tashy and Ian

Aunt Tashy and her boyfriend Ian cam for a visit. it was eagerly anticipated by both kids. Anna couldn't sleep the night before and to my surprise, when Maddie saw my sister's yellow beetle parked outside, she nearly leaped out of my arms yelling, "Tashy car, Tashy car!" and Tashy never disappoints. she kept the girls entertained while Jason and I spoke in church on Sunday, and the fun kept on coming. we spent Monday indulging in a just for fun photo session in Mesa (and avoiding some crazy monsoon action), and Tuesday at the Phoenix art museum. and of course visitors mean we indulge in all the fun foods we don't normally eat, Cracker Barrel (Ian's fav), Sonic, Sweet Cakes, and mass quantities of ice cream!!!! fun was had by all.

playing checkers at Cracker Barrel.

it was fun to get a little wet, since it was 101 outside.

Maddie has gotten a lot of play out of the "funny face" ever since she debuted it at the family reunion.

Anna's favorite shot, she thinks i am a magician or something, making 2 Annas in one picture!
the Mesa Arts Center has so many cool little details.

break time at the museum. we had to stop and get our wiggles out for a while. especially after the modern art wing. everything just looked so touchable there, and it was hard to keep little fingers off.

we miss you Tashy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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Joanna said...

Great pictures, Britain!