Saturday, August 9, 2008

farrell family reunion

so, our plans for "stay-cation" just for mommy and daddy backfired when two little moneys were jumping on the bed, one fell off and sprained her foot. Anna became literally incapacitated Sunday through Thursday, so i cancelled our babysitters (Grandma and Grandpa) and we went as a family to the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. we had fun there, and then re-routed to Santa Barbara for a family reunion.

it was so great to see all my cousins and aunts and uncles, and have the next generation get to know each other. my cousins have always been my best friends and i am sad i didn't take more pics. my cousin Bonnie and me

all the kids had a blast on the playground in our camp, here are just a few of the 17 kids that were representing. Maddie got over her fear of the slide.
Karah was a climbing maniac. my girls really had fun meeting more girl cousins.
Laine could keep up with all the kids.
and this was the first time i'd seen Robbie in his whole little life. that's what family reunions are all about!

Maddie decided this is her "funny face" she thought it was the best party trick and showed it to everyone.
these kids spent all day digging at the beach, then came back to camp and kept on digging!
though she wasn't allowed on the beach, or in the other camp, Nalu was still in heaven with all the dirt, kids, and cool weather.
my man. Jason is the best person to camp with, this is when his tidiness is truly appreciated. thanks honey for all your hard work keeping camp organized and comfortable!
this is a great picture, because it captures the essence of the whole weekend: exhilarating and exhausting. this little girl partied 'til she dropped, and she couldn't have found a more willing lap to hold her.

here's one reason she was so tired:
did i mention we played on the beach. i would say beach time is the number one thing we miss about living in CA. (okay, second - because family is the true #1) we relish every moment we are able to spend on the sand and in the water. Daddy and Maddie found this game to be worth hours of fun!
we even saw dolphins (though you can't in this picture):and who could resist this little beach bunny. she was so cute, my mom took a pic of us and then Anna was like, "take one of me kissing my mommy." and after the pic she looked at me and said really seriously, "i love you mom." i mean how can i not just be in love with this kid!
great times were had by all! big thank yous to my cousins Bonnie and Erin for planning such a wonderful family event!


Tonya said...

Britain...looks like so much fun! Was that El Cap? The beach looks like it, but I wasn't sure about the campground...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Your girls are so big and look so close in fun to see that! You look radiant and fun to see you blonde again...pretty pretty girl...

tell the family I said hi!

hope all is well...


britty said...

good guess Tonya, it was el cap, and we stayed across the street in el capitan canyon/ocean mesa, it was a blast. said...

Oh Britain, you look HOT in this picture kissing Maddie (and all the time of course!) Thanks for the shout out on the family reunion, it really was exhausting and exhilerating at the same time. So fun for the cousins to get together!