Thursday, October 30, 2008

carving so fun

this year, Jason had a pumpkin patch at his office. so, the girls got to go to two places they love in one trip! hurray! then it was carving time. i was surprised to find out that Anna can draw a great face all on her own. usually her drawings are faceless. Maddie was a little more interested in this jack-o-lantern. and Daddy dedicated his pumpkin to our furriest child, Nalu, by carving a lab into his pumpkin!even Avery and i got in on the fun!

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Autumn and Barrett said...

Avery looks so cute in that picture - I am DYING to meet her.

You will be glad to know that Henry threw up in the car the Friday after Avery was born (we were supposed to be driving to your house if not for the last minute change of plans). Then we were all sick for the next two weeks, and now we are totally and completely healthy and excited for our trip. Knock on wood.

I seriously can't wait to squeeze young Avery.