Friday, October 31, 2008

this is Halloween

wow, i love Halloween. it was all i could do to contain the girls until the afternoon. they dressed up in their halloween hair accessories and carried their candy collecting jack-o-lanterns all day. we went to the park, and played dress up just waiting to don our costumes. this year, we continued a fun tradition of having a neighborhood chili party before going out trick-or-treating. it was yummy, and a lot of fun. i couldn't wait to stuff Madeline in the octopus costume, it's my favorite. i'm so glad she fit! and Anna was thrilled to wear her "lumen fairy" costume. she pretty much designed it herself, and i think it turned out great. the "lumen fairy" is the fairy that lives in Anna's room. our littlest pumpkin wore this cute halloween onesie, as i didn't have the heart to put her in a costume, i was afraid it would swallow her up! here's a pick of just a few of the kids on our street. we've welcomed a new family to the neighborhood, bringing our kids on the street total to 25! i caught Anna with just a couple of her cute friends. so much fun. this year it was the moms' turn to take the kids out. i took all three girls, and it was a breeze. mostly because Anna and Maddie were a little scared of the more spooky costumes and decorations out there and had more fun at home by the fire, riding bikes and passing out (and eating) candy! we made a quick loop around the block and headed home.


Erin said...

Looks like you all had a blast! Love the octopus costume - and Avery is the cutest little pumpkin I've ever seen. So little!

Leila said...

Too cute!!! I am so happy the octopus made it to you on time and that it fit! And, the good news is you can get use out of it next year- no need for boys when you have a costume that cute!