Tuesday, October 7, 2008


so, i have never really been a soup person. not that i don't like it, it just never sounds good to me as a meal, and i prefer salad as a starter. anyway, my neighbors all make great soups, and when i smelled Mary's minestrone it actually did strike me as a meal i would enjoy. so, tonight i made it. i enlisted Anna's help, since she is a little wary of new foods, i wanted her to see that all the ingredients were things she liked. we chopped carrots and said, "ooh we love carrots." we chopped celery, "oooh, we love celery," we chopped onions and Anna said, "mom, i don't like onions.........................or human flesh." what? i was floored, this sent me into fits of uncontrollable laughter. "don't worry," i said, "there's no human flesh in this soup."

i guess the unicorn in Barbie of Swan Lake makes a joke about a troll eating human flesh. too funny! good thing she likes ice cream though!

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