Thursday, August 13, 2009

bachelorette party.....beardsley style!

Ashlyn's 80's themed bachelorette was hands down, the best girls night out ever!!!!!!!!! okay... so "best" is a relative term that is meant to incorporate laughing at little things that went wrong, like going to the Karaoke bar that Kiki checked out explicitly and finding that it has been turned into a sports bar that doesn't use it's karaoke machine anymore. then, googling karaoke only to go to 1) a closed sushi restaurant, 2) an all Spanish speaking karaoke night at El Patio (note to readers, when you call a spanish restaurant to inquire whether they have karaoke that night, and the person on the other line answers every question with "yeah", they do not speak english and you will be a fish out of water at their karaoke night), 3) a weird get your own room possibly all korean speaking karaoke center, and finally 4) the most awesome rock n'bowl/karaoke bar in the southland, (which we found by sight and not Google by the way!)

once we landed there, the night really took off and we sang our little hearts out 'til the wee hours of the morning. Corbynn even taught the whole bar how to do the Thriller dance.

we stopped by Denny's for a little all night dessert action, and only left when aunt Lori called to say Jude was awake and Kiki needed to come nurse him. don't all bachelorette parties end this way?

along the way Ash had to perform various dares that we wrote on her shirt including: 1) giving her earring to a dude ala Molly Ringwald in the Breakfast Club, 2) tipping someone by singing, "and for your tip - stay out of dark alleys at night", 3) dedicating "i touch myself" to a stranger, ( helped her out with this one, you owe me Ash) 4) having a "Jessie-style" meltdown about the wedding (that's a Saved by the Bell reference, holla if you get it), 5) "sweeping it up" which was an inside joke for Tash and Kiki, and was hilarious as Ash repeatedly asked out waiter for a broom. he would say "sure, right away," and then leave without coming back, 5) crutcherella (you had to be there), and 6) telling a guy he looked just like Ian from behind. she chose this guy:

the resemblance is startling.

these antics, plus the late hour made us deliriously happy! i maintain.....BEST GIRLS NIGHT EVER!!!!!!

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Sj said...

That's awesome!! Yeah for good clean fun!!!