Sunday, August 23, 2009

silly breakfast this sabbath day

last night, Madeline downed half a bottle of her allergy medicine. why? "betause i was firsty!" Aunt Tara and poison control both assured us she would be fine....but sleepy....and it would dry her out considerable. this was all true, she slept like a rock, didn't die, and lost her voice and completely broke out in hives all over her body. her eczema did not like being "dried out." so this morning we had a very silly breakfast with our very silly, albeit uncomfortable daughter. first, she could barely eke out any sound, but did not stop trying to talk, so we had to try and understand every squeal that escaped her lips. then, her usually sensitive eyes, were ultra sensitive calling for sunglasses at the breakfast table. finally, i got out the camera so she had to ham it up for me. that's my silly, silly girl!

another girl got in on acting silly: and then there was me. i'm just plain silly!

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