Saturday, August 15, 2009

tashy and ian's wedding!!!!!!!!!!

aunt Tashy got married this weekend. it was a beautiful day, begining in the Los Angeles Temple and ending up at home where uncle Barrett and i both had receptions. some special touches included her veils hand made by her loving sister. a beautiful love song performed by the groom and his friend John. on that note, Jason recently made me acknowledge that my taste in music is depressing. my idea of a love song is a breakup song. i did not agree until doing this slideshow and having the worst time picking a song that was happy. so here you go! congratulations Ashlyn and Ian. we love you!


Jennifer said...

Congratulations to the happy couple! Your whole family is as gorgeous as ever. Your parents really have the reception party-throwing thing down!

Erin said...

Seriously! In my next life, I want to be a Beardsley...SO GORGEOUS!!

And I SO hear ya on the the "breakup song" thing...WHY??? I can't explain except maybe it's the hopeless romantic in me that never got her chance to shine....because my knight in shining armor showed up when I was 19 and has been awesome ever since!

My romance never got much of a chance to be "hopeless" so those songs let me live out that teen angst =)

And since I'm SHAMELESS....Have you heard Miley Cyrus' "7 Things"?? Go listen. She wrote it for Nick Jonas after they broke up. After I heard this song....I started following the both of them on Twitter. Yes...they are both 16 years old. YES... I have ISSUES!! still buy tickets to see The Cure, so you have NO ROOM to talk!

ALSO - Gave Whitney her Itty Britty Dress today. It's SO CUTE! You are a stud. LOVE the dress. (and you)

And can we please discuss....we need to throw the party of the century for little Sawyer Osborne. Everyone and their mother has been asking me how to celebrate.