Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anna graduated!!!

okay, so it's not college or anything, but Anna finished her first stint at preschool. she loved it. good thing we re-upped. she had a little program and a reception afterward. unfortunately i am lame and did not charge our brand new video camera. so all i have on film is Avery saying, "dada." which is cute and everything, don't get me wrong, i just wish i had the little pre-schoolers singing "jack o'lantern." don't worry, when i got home i charged it up and then forced Anna to sing all the songs again. i'm sure she'll hate me for it. it was so adorable and i couldn't have been happier with the Apples to Zebras program through the Chandler Rec Center. good job Anna, you are a BIG school girl!

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Carroll Family said...

I've been meaning to ask you about her preschool - she told me where she's been going, but I wanted to know more. Sounds like she loved it! Talin doesn't go for another year and a half, but I'm trying to find all my options :)