Friday, November 13, 2009

wedding Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

so, it's over. the wedding i've been working on for the past 10 weeks or so is finally done. it was wonderful. all the elements turned out just as i (and the bride) imagined them.

i think people thought Amey was crazy when she described her modified vintage carnival idea, using bronzey/brown as a launch pad for an explosion of colorful blooms. (in fact a fact a family member, who shall remain nameless said, "i was skeptical of the carnival, but you made it classy.") well my friend, classy is what Amey wanted all along, i knew it. i nearly begged for the opportunity to help her make it happen. the payoff, over-hearing a guest say, "this is the best party ever!!!"

some of the elements that made it special, 1) natural chairs i LOVED them, 2) brights, multi-colored lantern "chandeliers", 3) squat little mason jar votives, 4) location, location, location.

i can't wait to see better pictures, i was in such a rush. i didn't even get any of the tables with the centerpieces. but they were amazing, done by the bride herself. all in all, GREAT, AMAZING, night. congrats to Amey and Seth!


Anonymous said...

Everything looked so great. You are amazingly talented and inspire me every day!

Joanna said...

Wow, Britain. That really is beautiful!

erinTphotography said...