Wednesday, November 18, 2009

wedding wednesday

coming in December: black, white and green. one of my favorite color palates.

(come to think of it, do i have a un-favorite color palate? maybe peach and teal ala 1986, but now that feels like a challenge. my mind is already working on ways i could make it fab!)

photo credits:
1) polka dot and check cake, photographed by Annie Randall
2) centerpieces, polyvor
3) green tie and orchids, formerms
4) damask digi-paper, Shabby Princess
5) pear cake,
6) bridal party one, with this ring weddings
7) bridal party two, you and your wedding
8) invites, house lewis


Brenda said...

If you used Tiffany blue as your "teal", any color looks fab--even peach! Last summer I did some wedding invites and the client wanted Tiffany blue and red. I was skeptical, but they turned out to be some of my favorites. Maybe it was just because I like Tiffany & Co so much.

DIY REDS! said...

I would like to see a tv show made about you Britain. You would be this stylish Lawyer who held up her mommy duties and did amazing crafts and glamorous weddings on the side. Now that is what the networks are missing! Can't wait to see a glammed up eighties theme work.

britty said...

Brenda, tiffany blue and red was the palate for Avery's 1st birthday invites. (that i only sent to family, and didn't even have a party, yes i am a dork!)

Amy, you are hilarious. will you be my hollywood agent?