Friday, January 1, 2010

5 sick Earls + 3 sick Beardsleys = new year's rockin'eve!

it's always a party when grandma and grandpa come to town! throw in aunt Corby and you're in for a real treat. so we knew it would be a rockin' new year's eve when we heard they were stopping by. my mom called and asked if we wanted to cancel since we were sick, they were sick too, but i said, "no way". so glad we didn't let a little (or even a lot) of phlegm keep us from partying in 2010!

the 'rents rolled in about 8pm so the kids got their party on for a little while before hitting the hay. everyone was really excited to see Avery's new walking moves. so, she was eager to show them off!

we called uncle Coll so that he knew we were having fun without him. and hoped he regretted staying in town to eat lobster and watch football with friends. i mean seriously, doesn't every 18 year old high school senior want to ring in the new year with 3 toddlers and their parents? what's his problem?
we watched football, ate yummy food, and even saw a movie with Corb while grandma and grandpa babysat! (thanks Mom and Dad!) all in all, and awesome way to spend a holiday!

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