Thursday, January 7, 2010

Autumn in January

you may look at these pictures and think, "what a beautiful autumn day!" and yes, it was a beautiful day - in January! you see, here in Arizona we do seasons a little differently. we have summer from April to November (give or take a few weeks, and i'm including days over 90 degrees because anywhere else in the world that is HOT), and then we have winter and autumn intermittently throughout the rest of the year. one day it's 75, the next it's 50 and flash floods. so our leaves don't really know when to turn. but on this day the kids had a traditional fall day, raking up piles of leaves and jumping around. it was so cute i ran inside for the camera!
this cracked me up - she is working so hard to go fast! my little eczema face - doesn't that look painful? it is, she is always so itchy and uncomfortable. but look at that smile!

this little cupcake didn't quite get in on the leaf throwing action. but she was an adorable onlooker.

clean up! all the wagons and dump trucks were used to aid in the process. some how the bigger boys (who were so enthusiastic about jumping in the leaves) were suddenly missing during this time, i had to go gather them back up again....coincidence, i think not.
Anna's hammy pose. i like to try and catch her not looking, or else i get this coy, over-the-shoulder smile. oh well, it's still cute!
happy fall - in January!

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