Sunday, January 31, 2010

let it snow!

this weekend we were privileged and thrilled to stay at the Mogollon Resort Cabins in Overgaard, AZ. we have been dying to take the girls to the snow, and this was definitely the place to do it. i went crazy with the camera, doesn't everything just look fascinating in the snow?

the resort is well located, just across the street from this handy and cute little shopping area:

the kids were beside themselves with glee putting on their snow gear (which gets used maybe once a year....unless your Madeline, and then fur lined boots are a great accessory for 100+ degree weather.)

the cabin WONDERFUL, beautiful and cozy, and fully equipped with ta-da, a spa! can i just say who ever thought it would be fun to go in a hot tub in freezing weather was a genius!!
these pictures are all out of order, so i'll just tell a crazy mixed up story. we had fun frolicking in the snow.

again, the cabin was so cute. just what you would expect nestled in the pines.
the scenery was amazing. i felt like i was in a Norman Rockwell painting.

here's the backyard of our cabin. i thought this place would be perfect for a family reunion. the cabins are close, but not too close!
don't you just love this face? i do...
this one's pretty great too! Anna is turning into such a big girl. i love it...and hate it. it's so fun and yet so sad!

so, i thought this was a little ironic. a shaved ice shack under a frosty, icy tree!

we had Oreos for dessert, clearly it was awesome!

the girls, not often i'm in front of the lens. so, it was cold, cold, cold, but somehow the girls got nice and sweaty after sledding. we had to bathe before going out to dinner, and that meant blowing our hair dry! it was the first time we ever did this to Madeline, and her hair was amazingly long! it's so curly, we've never seen it this way! so shiny. it didn't last through the night before curling back up again!
she was so excited to have long hair!
my little snow angel #2.

Avery was so funny trying to move around in her snow suit.

girls + dad = fun

love this blue barn!

snow angel #3
excited to sled. i didn't get any sledding pics because i was holding Avery the whole time. there is some video though, i need to download it from our new video camera.
snow angel #1

so, that about covers out trip to the snow. in short, it was a wonderful, relaxing, fun-filled weekend! we loved every part of it. thanks Mogollon Resort Cabins!

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Kelly said...

You look Beutiful!! Love the pics!!