Friday, February 5, 2010

over the river a through the woods...

we went to Grandma's house! (and i only took 2 pictures) well, of my own children that is. i was so excited to go to California to see some friends and do a very special maternity session. (more on that next time.) but the trip was crazy, it rained a lot, Madeline's asthma was in full effect and i was totally prepared with the nebulizer....but no medicine. luckily, (for me, not him) Henry has asthma and could share his medicine with us. unfortunately, we didn't get to hang out much because Henry had just been released from the hospital from an episode of double pneumonia, and Laine wasn't feeling too well either. i think in a total of 3 nights i slept 9 hours. (is it making sense why i don't have many pics?) poor Grandma and Grandpa have been ultra busy helping to take care of 5 sicko grandchildren. we did have fun, it just wasn't really lens worthy!

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