Thursday, February 18, 2010

field trip

Anna and i went on a field trip with her school today to Arizona Museum for Youth (AMY). i love this place! it's full of fun hands on exhibits to re-enforce the art on display. right now, it's all about pattern. Anna got to make cool patterns with these awesome light puzzles. we did a cute doggie art craft:

i love the little garden they have there.

Anna loves to play house. she was "cooking" up a storm in there.

and playing with friends,Anna was so thrilled to hang out with me alone. sisters went with the Bates to the gym (thanks Rachael) and then we all met up for lunch. Anna and i really did have fun on our alone "date", but near the end she said, "i wish my sisters were here to see this." it was pretty cute to know that though my kids do need individual attention, they really are best friends who can't live without each other. i had a fun time with you today Anna! next time we'll have to take sisters too!

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