Saturday, February 27, 2010

happy birthday to Madeline!

i can't believe this big girl is 3!!!!! it seems like yesterday we were walking around the park, trying to induce labor, wondering who Anna's new little sibling would be. as it is, she is the best little sister and big sister anyone could be!
Madeline started her special big day early, by announcing on Thursday that she was now potty trained!!! i was skeptical, but it is true. she kept telling me, "when I'm 3 mom, when I'm 3." by golly don't mess with a girl who knows what she wants. this is my kind of potty trainer!then, we were off to Sedona to see Grandma and Grandpa Earl and our cousins. Maddie spent her day riding the trolley, and having fun. she finished the day with everything she had asked for, a Cinderella princess cake,

and "blue stuff." this is where Anna's and Madeline's personalities are very different. when Anna was 2 1/2 she started telling me about how all her friends were going to come over for a big butterfly party on her birthday. when i prodded Maddie about what she wanted, a party, presents, cake, etc..? the answer was always the same, "blue stuff mom. blue cake, blue presents, blue toys, blue stuff!" you would think this was easier, you would be wrong. it's not all that easy finding "blue stuff." it is much easier finding Barbie Mariposa, and her accompanying dvd.

thanks to Grandma Colleen, we had the cake covered! and with the help of Aunt Tara, we got a bunch of "blue stuff."

and thanks to Daddy, we got the perfect gift. this "hula loop" seemed to be just the right "blue stuff" for our big 3 year old girl.

to top it all off, she had a second party with Grandma and Grandpa Beardsley and the Beardsley cousins 4 days later!
you are the sweetest, most wonderful child any mother could hope for. each day you bring such Joy to our family. we could not have chosen a more appropriate name for you my Madeline Joy. you are Anna's best friend, true and unfailing. you are Avery's hero, loving and kind. you love to play and try new things, like scooters, and soccer, and whatever else Anna is doing. you are funny and smart and teach your dad and i more than we think we teach you sometimes. you never let us forget to say our prayers, and always have the sweetest things to say to your Heavenly Father. you are loved by your friends and neighbors, and your teachers at the Gym and at Nursery. and all this at only three years old! your potential is limitless, and I know you will continue to surpass our wildest dreams as you become more of yourself in the coming years. happy birthday my darling crazy-haired girl. you are a true Joy, and I love you madly.

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Carroll Family said...

I didn't realize how close in age she and my Talin are! Will she share that potty training magic with him? He knows it's when we run out of diapers (which is estimated to happen about Sunday.....night, I hope)