Friday, February 12, 2010


i love art! i encourage my kids to be artistic. we should buy stock in Crayola Washable Markers! and, we should make sure those markers are always readily available, rather than the more permanent Sharpee. yes, today while i was in and out of the house, i spied the girls and some friends coloring with sidewalk chalk. "fun!" i thought, "i'm glad it's warming up, what a nice afternoon." got Avery up from her nap, changed her diaper, came out to throw it away. Anna said, "hey mom, look at the house i made.....i made lots of houses!" "those are great honey," i started before i looked. when i looked i saw this:
some rather beautiful houses drawn it multi-colored Sharpee! (that's permanent you remember) luckily i picked up some of that fantastic wonder cleaner people sell door-to-door. it completely does the trick. i just have to scrub each line with a steel brush on my hands and knees. needless to say, it's gonna be there a while!


Rich and Miriam said...

Let me know when you are scrubbing and I'll be out to help!

Kelly said...

Oh my heck!! That's too funny! You are a great mom, a patient mom! I would be so MAD, even though that is so silly.. We all need to have our patientce tested every once in a while. To put us in check! :)