Monday, November 12, 2007

stroller for sale

so, we finally made a decision regarding the jogger. so, i guess we'll BOB. after trolling ebay and craigslist for over a week, and putting in some serious garage sale time this weekend, we came to the decision that we may as well buy a $500 stroller that does it all rather than having 2 $200 strollers hanging around the house/garage. so, i listed our Graco DuoGlider which i love on Craigslist. for some reason it actually made me sad. maybe because i put all the same time and effort into buying it 8 months ago and really felt like i found the perfect stroller for me. and it has been, until the kids quit going to the gym with me. so, now i just hope the BOB is really worth it. wish me luck!


Joanna said...

Does that mean that you bring the BOB on all the errands you run? Grocery shopping, etc?

Tonya said...

That is a nice stroller...I didn't know what is was until I saw one at Disneyland...I think the dual shade covers is enough to make it worth it. E & A are always fighting over the cover level of shade with my single cover...drives me a bit nutty!
I have been running with all 3 in my jogger...I probably look like an absolute fool, but I need the outlet so bad. I have Mia & Ava in the seats, and Ella sitting on top. I know...bad mommy, but it is actually quite safe...I am holding on to her the whole time and we are just on the jogging no cars or anything. I saw one of those seat things you can hook on to the jogger at the front...really great idea...I need to pic one up. Anyways...tell me how the BOB works out!

the bates motel said...

so fun that your a blogger! i love finding new friends that blog. i like your personal blog too. good insight on dieting and all! anyway, remember if you want to borrow our stroller before you make your BOB purchase your more than welcome too!

i'm kelly said...

i hate the whole stroller issue. the fact is there is no perfect stroller. when i had o i searched far and wide for the perfect stroller. finally spent 500 bucks for the valco (it's the stroller tonya is talking about with the possibility of the third seat) and was done with it (so i thought). although it was a great stroller. it was big. and i found myself putting gavin in my single, and "wearing" o.that worked for a while, but then o started getting bigger & wants to move more. i was still using my valco for running. but truth be told, even though it looks like a jogger, it isn't meant for that! so i ended up selling it on craigs list, and getting 2 strollers - the phil & ted e3 buggy (it is AWESOME) for errands, shopping, basically any normal stroller activities. and then i also got the bob for running. personally, i wouldn't want to use the bob as my normal stroller because it's big and bulky. but it is awesome for running.

wow! that was long!