Monday, November 5, 2007

to BOB, or not to BOB

so, for those of you who don't know me, i am somewhat compulsive when it comes to comparison shopping. i can't stand to buy something only to discover i could have gotten it cheaper somewhere else. also, i have the tendency to impulse buy. knowing that compels me to shop around and be really certain i need something before i buy it. when that something is bulky and expensive, my shopping compulsion kicks into high gear. this is the situation i currently find myself in: recently i celebrated the fact that Madeline was six months and i could take my kids to the "kids club" at the gym where i work out. this was a joyous day because it meant i could put an end to my 5am workouts. unfortunately, every time we go the kids get sick. otherwise, one or the other cries and i am paged within 5 or 10 minutes of hopping in the pool, on the treadmill, etc. i am desperate not to return to early morning workouts. therefore, i feel a jogging stroller may be the option for me. here's my problem, i can't decide which one to get. 2 of my neighbors swear by BOBs, but i'm having a little sticker shock. still other friends either love or hate their various strollers, but for different reasons. i've test driven both the BOB and the Schwinn pictured below and fail to really see a huge difference. HELP! if you have any advice, i'd love it. (most likely i will be using the stroller primarily as a jogger and will log aprox. 15 miles a week.)


Erin said...

I've never used either the BOB or Schwinn - but my advice is to purchase the one that weighs less!

I discovered AFTER I purchased mine - that I would be pushing approx 115 lbs around when I run!! Jogger=55 lbs, Megan=30 lbs, Molly=30lbs.

My second piece of advice is to pick the one whose shade (for the kids) can fold all the way down. That way it doesn't matter if you are running into the sun or wind - your girls wont complain and you can keep focusing on your ipod and stomping out those miles! GO GIRL.

Erin said...

PS - your Halloween sounded SO FUN. I want to live on your street!

Joanna said...

So... did you BOB?!

britty said...

i think when i finally pull the trigger, it may be for the BOB. still having trouble stomaching the price, but it handles like a dream. afer using the shwinn, my arms hurt for 2 days? but seriously, once you accessorize the BOB it's like $600. well see, i'm inspired to try early morning runs alone again.