Thursday, November 1, 2007

this is halloween

the earls kicked off Halloween with some time at the pumpkin patch.

everyone picked out they're own pumpkin, including Madeline who will most likely follow her father's tradition of devouring pumpkin pie!sometimes Anna can be a little tentative (dare i say afraid) of things like this scarecrow. but not today, nothing could stop her Halloween fun. next came the carving. we spent Family night turning our pumpkins into "jack n' ladders". even Maddie knew this was come serious family fun time.

by the time Wednesday rolled around, it was all i could do to keep Anna out of her costume until the appointed time. we had to call grandma and grandpa and tell them all about our planned festivities. she was very excited that her dad was going to be a "scary guy." (more on that later.)

every year our street gets together to pass out candy. instead of sitting in our houses all alone waiting for kids to come to the door, we sit in chairs around a big fire in the middle of the cul de sac. and every year, there is mass confusion as the children still go up to our doors. so this year Brant taped off all our driveways with caution tape. Michelle spearheaded a chili dinner party before trick or treating. it was a blast! so many people from the community came.

we had quite a spread, with chili, Carries famous salad, and a million different spooky treats.

Anna loves chili, so it wasn't hard to get her to eat. plus i had a table full of bribes. she could not eat a "ghost" until she finished her chili.
then all the kids got sidewalk chalk and made "scary" drawings on the street. here is Anna "coloring a scary but a little bit silly ghost."
and, showing off the earl family "jack n' ladders." notice the chalk on her clothes and mouth?

finally it was costume time! don't even get me started about this butterfly! my cousin Caitlin and i traded costumes for our babies. she sent me this cute caterpillar about 2 months ago. that's when i got the seemingly great idea to make Anna a coordinating butterfly. now, i would have just bought one, but i couldn't find what i wanted. so i tackled this sewing project. but it was a disaster! all i can say is - All's well that ends well. thanks to Tonya for the hair-antenna idea, it saved the day!

it was mommy's turn to sit around the fire and pass out candy, so daddy took Anna trick or treating, she wanted Maddie to come too. here she is holding her hand to walk off into the night.

Anna and the Johnson kids. Ellie was so excited to paint her hair red, and was a beautiful Ariel. and can you blame Anna for having a crush on this dashing young Superman, i mean check out that curl - adorable!

Anna and the birthday boy!

Connor's first Halloween!!!!

Peanut and Anna.

my little butterfly flying away for trick or treating! Anna with Cole the ninja, Peanut aka "Minnie Mouse", and Gray the fireman!
we took a picture of this kid. i gave him the neighborhood #1 best costume award for his Christmas tree! it was so funny because we gave him a standing ovation and i saw his dad beaming, i thought "this must have been dad's idea. then someone asked him how he came up with this costume and he said, "uh my dad." i guessed it!

jeremy roped jason into being the town mummy. this is his "scary guy" mask that Anna had been so excited for. he wore it around the house and she was okay with it, but when he put it on with the mummy, she lost it. she kept crying, "i don't want my dad to be mommy." well neither do i.

once daddy was out of the costume everything was okay. we called it a night.


Autumn and Barrett said...

So cute! I love the matching skirts you made(? guessing from the fabric) for the girls and the butterfly costume. And what a fantastic neighborhood!

I can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving...Maddie will be walking circles around Laine, who is barely starting to sit unassisted.

britty said...

i guess i forgot to credit my great friend Tonya not only for the antenna, but also for the outfits the girls wore to the Pumpkin Patch! can you say talented?

Tonya said...


The butterfy costume turned out soooo cute! Great Job on that. That street party makes me a little jealous. We just trick or treated a few houses...and then right when we were done...some poor grandma 2 houses down got rolled out of our neighbor's house in full arrest getting chest compressions and all. It was not a very pleasant sight for anyone...I am actally the one only one that saw.
Hey...I am working on the blog book...I think it will be so great to have once I am is going to be 350 pages! But that is 350 pages of memories! Thanks for the info on that website...gotta run...girls attacking eachother..


Joanna said...

That post was fun, fun, fun! I loved seeing your neighborhood celebration. Well done on the beautiful butterfly costume, too.

Joanna said...

Tell us about the blog book! Have you done one yet?

britty said...

Joanna - i haven't started a blog book yet, but i saw someone elses and it's awesome. it's like a huge glossy, professional, coffee table book. i started a photo book like it last year, but it was not nearly as cool and totally overpriced. i will probably start one soon. i'll keep you posted, until then it sounds like Tonya is the best resource.