Tuesday, November 27, 2007

we gathered together

we started the festivities off with another pot luck in the Court. i sort of spearheaded this shindig, so i was pleased that everyone had a good time and there was very little complaining that we party too much on our street. the spread was amazing - anytime i get to taste the samplings of these kitchens is a good time! (you may not be able to see this, but the vintage looking dessert stand on the table was purchased by me the day before the party for $5! this was very exciting for me.) we failed to snap many pics of the kids and their fun. but here is a mug shot of the dessert bandit. Anna snuck from plate to plate picking off tiny bites of EVERY dessert on the table. i caught her several times and everytime i went back to the table, i'd see a few more nibbles. good thing we have forgiving neighbors!

then it was off to "Caniforna" to visit grandma and grandpa! Anna could hardly contain her excitement, singing the whole way. (oh, minus the crying, whining, and agitation that goes with a 6 hour car ride.) once there we enjoyed yet another delicious feast, and the good company of our loving family. pictured below are 3 of the "divine nine" an elite group of infant and toddler girls all born during the last 2 years....let me explain. beginning with Anna each child that was born to a cousin on my mom's side was a girl until the spell was broken with my cousin Meghan having her 4th boy in July of this year. it goes like this, Anna (me), Karah (Erin), Brighton (Ashley), Leila (Caitlin), Jameson (Kerianne), Ellison (Meghan), Madeline (me again), Gillian (Michelle), and Laine (Autumn). wow, that is a lot of girls! my mom came up with the affectionate nick-name. here are Madeline, Leila, and Laine on Thanksgiving, with their respective mothers.
Maddie wasn't one for turkey, yams, or potatoes - she prefers cardboard! Anna's whole purpose for coming to "Caniforna" was to go with Henry to the choo-choo and ponies. so, we took the kids to Irvine park for some choo-choo/pony madness. Anna and Grandpa were really excited.
it was time for the pony ride, and Anna decided maybe she wasn't ready. she sat on the pony, but ultimately she did not want to ride. Henry on the other hand was ready to go, he even decided on a "trotter" this time. but then something happened that hasn't happened in a loooooong time. Anna decided that i, her mommy, might be able to do something better than her dad!!! she requested i escort her on the pony ride, and it was smooth sailing after that. (tough loss Jase.) she even said next time she wants a "fast pony" like Henry.

for the choo-choo portion of our day, i was nominated yet again to take Henry, Anna, and Maddie on the ride. Henry was very protective of Anna, keeping his arm around her until the tunnel, when he raised his hands above his head and screamed his head off!

Henry needed to look down at his cheat sheet/shirt for the answer to "how old are you?" and Anna needs to learn how to hold up the fingers she needs to answer.

here's Madeline ready for her train ride.

next it was off to feed the ducks. unfortunately we were less than prepared for this activity. fortunately, i always have Cheerios on hand for the girls, oh and the ducks. i seriously thought i'd be jumping in this less than pristine water after my little girl. happily she kept her balance all day, thank goodness for small miracles.

now, about the ducks. i snapped this shot (which didn't turn out that great) to show what we deemed the ugliest duck and the most beautiful one. we wondered if the other ducks were like, "how did a duck like that snag such a hot mallard?" and what is the deal with ducks that have tumors? it seems like everytime i am near a duck pond, i spy a duck with some sort of growth on his head like this one. curious? and a little gross.


Joanna said...

Liked the "ugly duck hot mallard comment." And it looks like your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Too bad we didn't get to see you.

the bates motel said...

hieee! looks like you guys had a fun time in ca! it's always so much fun to be w/ everyone and their little ones!