Thursday, December 27, 2007


so, if you know Anna, and if you happened to have asked her what she wanted for Christmas this year, you will have heard this new word she seemed to coin, "abikeanababydoll." the direct translations is, "a bike and a baby doll." these were the only 2 Christmas wishes from my first born. as most parents do, we agonized that she needed more...if Santa only brought these two things, she would be bored and have nothing to open on Christmas. and as most parents do, we realized we were wrong! Anna did receive some other gifts from Santa this year, but only has eyes for her bike and babydoll. in fact, i'm not sure the bike has received quite as much love as the lovely pink babydoll Anna has so sweetly been feeding, burping, and cuddling for 2 days now. in fact, Anna has spent so much time with her babydoll, she is starting to feel the weight of parental responsibility. today, as she squeezed her babydoll after a feeding, the baby gave a squeal (oh yeah, this baby talks), and said, "mama." i said, "Anna your baby is crying for you." she looked at me, simply bewildered and said, "no mommy, i don't want to be the mom anymore." so, i am the mom to the babydoll, while Anna continues to be the primary caregiver.

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