Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Eve Eve

so, one of my favorite days of the year growing up was "Christmas Eve Eve," a name i gave to the day before Christmas Eve. it was probably so special to me because it was usually the day we got together with my Dad's family, and therefore the first day we opened presents. this day started off the whole Christmas deluge of parties and gifts. well, the tradition slowly died down, with family getting together on a different night; i grew up, left the house, started having new traditions. i miss my extended family, since i am in AZ this year. and i especially miss my grandparents since they have all left the earth. but still this day, "Christmas Eve Eve" holds a certain excitement. i am charged with the anticipation of Christmas day, which promises to be a milestone since it is the first time my own child will be aware of her Christmas wishes fulfilled. and my little family is starting some traditions of our own: i had a wonderful day at church where i fulfilled a secret wish to be in the ward choir, and loving sang my little heart out in honor of our Savior's birth, Jason and i had some alone time during the girls' naps, a miracle in and of itself; and now were settling in for a family viewing of Elf before reading Luke 2, and tucking in our daughters. so here's to Christmas Eve Eve, still a favorite day after all!

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Meg said...

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Cousen