Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve

on Christmas Eve, we celebrated with a beautiful dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Earl's house. Anna and Sean had so much fun making (and eating cookies.)
when we got home, it was time to prepare for Santa's visit. so we decided to make his favorite cookies. we have the book Santa Claus, which has Mrs. Claus' cookie recipe. Anna was so excited to make it. once the cookies were on the plate, it was time to pour the milk and write Santa a thank you note for all of his hard work. Anna went to bed just like any other night, i don't think we'll get too many more years like that.
Jason and i thought we heard some rustling downstairs, and low and behold we saw Santa had come. i was pretty sure Anna got at least one of the presents she asked for, because if you look closely the package on the left is a little see-through. it looked like a bike to me!
it was a lovely night, with the promise of a fun morning.

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Tonya said...

looks like you all had a wonderful time!

love all the digi scrapbooking...

Hope the girls are well...