Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa Claus is coming to town

so, i don't think a discussion of Christmas 2007 would be complete without acknowledging the fact that our timid little girl did some major growing up this season. even at 5 months, her first Christmas she cried on Santa's lap. (not for the picture though) and last year she cried despite the fact that the whole family was with her.

this year however, as reported in an earlier post, she climbed right on Santa's lap at our neighborhood party on the 1st. then it became her favorite activity. she went right up to Santa at the mall, and was not even afraid to give him a kiss at Jason's grand opening event. (although she did say she thought that Santa reminded her of her Grandpa.)

our little Anna is a little less timid at the dawn of 2008, now it's little sister's turn.

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