Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter morn

since the Easter bunny uses all plastic eggs for our hunt on Saturday, we decided to do some egg dying on Sunday before church. the girls and i put on our aprons and went to work. it's so fun to see the girls evolve every year. this year Anna was really into it, and able to do most the work herself. Madeline was really into it, but needed lots of help, whether she wanted to admit it or not. Anna, liked to play "design consultant" on all the eggs, suggesting colors, etc. i didn't boil a lot of eggs this year because last year Jason and i ended up doing the bulk of them. next year i can see that these girls will be all over the job so i'll plan accordingly. a Beardsley family tradition is to decorate an egg professing your love for each member of the family, so i'll need more eggs just to get that job done! once the eggs were done, i headed over to choir practice and miraculously made it to Sacrament in time to sing prelude music. i relish my time in choir to be a part of that beautiful tribute to the Savior. after church we had a beautiful and delicious dinner at the Earls with family and friends, what a perfect Easter.

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Tonya said...

so fun!

love the aprons...and you ar looking fabulous my dear!

hope to catch up with you guys this summer sometime!