Saturday, April 4, 2009

happy birthday to Laine!

on Saturday we traveled all the way to California to attend this fairy princess's birthday party!
everyone got into the party spirit by wearing their party hats! Madeline decided she wanted to re-create the Christmas spirit and get into my makeup. she is such a girly-girl. these two cousins are so close in age, and are getting old enough to really enjoy each other's company. Henry is getting so big, i can hardly believe he'll be 5 this summer. time flies. speaking of time flying...wasn't this guy 5, like one second ago? it was fun to hang out with uncle Collier! as always, Gramps was good for more than a few laughs! Madeline was still feeling like the birthday girl. the whole trip over she kept saying, "not Wayne's (Laine's) burfday, my's." but for the party she realized the spotlight was on her cousin. she did however try to steal all the Yo Gabba Gabba dolls.
we were happy to have a visit from this little lady, who to me, is the spitting image of her mother. i feel like i'm in a time warp when i'm with her. little Leila became a big sister this week, so she was spending some quality time with Maga.
Avery was really impressed with Uncle Coll. she spent some time in his lap yucking it up at all his awesome jokes and tricks.
and Uncle Austy got some face time too. what a fun party! thanks for the invite Laine!


Autumn and Barrett said...

We were so happy to have you guys here...come back!

Leila said...

Yeah, I keep hearing how much I look like my mommy, but everyone always adds how much nicer I am, and smaller- I guess she was CHUNKY!!! I miss you girls, let's meet again in California soon!