Saturday, April 11, 2009

singin' in the rain....on Easter

this year's big neighborhood Easter egg hunt/breakfast was almost rained out. first, we called off the hunt and prepared the Thompson's garage for just breakfast. then there was a break in the sprinkling, so we closed the garage while the bunny did his work. look how patiently these kids waited. once we opened the garage and set the kids free on the hunt, the rain started up again, this time going from a light misting spray, to a full fledged drizzle. everyone got pretty soaked, but found their fair share of eggs. oh, and did i mention that the girls wore these sweat suits, rather than the adorable matching sundresses i picked out for them. oh well! after the fun, and yummy breakfast, we splashed around in the rain! when will we get to do that again?

i like this pic because you can see the rain soaked my shoulders and hair. what a fun & funny Easter!
p.s.: Avery slept through nearly the entire morning! Happy 1st Easter!

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the bates motel said...

so fun seriously thanks for the invite! bren was talking about it all day and the fact that i totally missed out blah blah! who knew it was gonna be such an experience for the fam!