Monday, October 29, 2012

halloween costume portraits

i love doing Halloween mini-sessions.  i only had a limited window this year with wedding/portrait season, so i took the kids for a quick after-school shoot.  

i a so glad i borrowed this frog costume from Ali.  originally, Colin was supposed to be a fireman, but he refused to wear the costume.  i think this frog was just perfect. 

 Anna's best friend joined us and we got a little pick of these two princesses.  

 we had my cousins along too, Merida and Mickey were a great addition.
 Anna had a hard time deciding what to be this year, but once she spied this "celebrity startlet" costume at Party City, she was in love!  she knows how to work the whole startlet concept.  

 we tried to kiss the frog and see if he turned to a prince, but this just made him grouchy. 

 Avery is our Rapunzel lover in the family.  and for months she knew she wanted to be "Rapunzel in her wedding dress."  (thanks again Grandma and Grandpa.) she was an adorable pretend bride. 

 i love these groves for that storybook woods feeling.  i always do my halloween minis here.  
 Madeline was a mermaid this year, she donned an Ariel wig for Halloween night, but opted to be herself as a mermaid for these portraits.  i always dreamed of being a mermaid when i was her age too!

so fun to capture these sweet imaginations while i can!  Happy Halloween.  

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