Sunday, October 28, 2012

we are the pi phis!

these days when i meet people and they discover I was in a college sorority, it usually garners an chuckle of disbelief.  i suppose these days i don't really fit the mold of a stereotypical,  made-for-tv sorority girl. but, i am in fact a member of Pi Beta Phi, and i had a fantastic time in college, and met an amazing group of friends that continue to enrich my life.  

each year, bunch of my "sisters" get together for a girls weekend.  over the past few years babies and nursing have gotten in the way of my attending.  but this year, they came to me!  we rented a house in Scottsdale and played all weekend.  

after picking up out-of-towners from the airport, we gathered at the house and hit the town for a night of shopping and yummy food, and of course late night catching up!

Saturday found us hiking Camleback.
(from left, Elizabeth, Vicki, Erica, Jess, Me, Ali, and Shira)

this was a first reunion of our "London group" from 1996.  Ali and Elizabeth were my flatmates during my semester abroad in London.  how can it possibly have been 16 years?!?! we are for sure doing a 20th anniversary trip to London.  i've got 4 years to save!

our fancy night on the town was both fun and delicious!

 love my Doherty!  we cannot wait so long for another reunion!!!!  (and how is it she looks the same if not better than 16 years ago?)
 Sunday brunch was a sad farewell (but delicious) farewell.  though we took some group pics, this one is my favorite.  Jess is just so beautiful!
Pi Phis!  i had so much fun with you ladies.  it's amazing how so much time can pass but the feelings stay the same.  i have always felt like our group was so special, and I was right.  each of you bring a so much to the table with your individual intelligence, beauty inside and out, experiences, and above all senses of humor!  i count my lucky stars that something as random as  rush, could bring us together!  
here's to many more years of friendship!

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