Friday, October 12, 2012

the girl who went to bed 3 and woke up 4!

this cute little lovely put on her pj's when she was just 3....
 ...and woke up to a special french toast breakfast to celebrate
 turning 4!!!!

you are an adorable princess.  you are really the sweetest little four year old.  you are the best friend to your sisters and brothers, always sharing, always having fun.  you love to help mommy and daddy, and you always do your best to keep everyone else reminded of the rules of the house.   Colin loves being your baby brother, he wants to be just like you, and you are so patient and loving with him.  you are growing up so fast, and learning new things everyday.  we love you so much, and are so proud of you.  

happy birthday! 

mommy and daddy

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