Tuesday, October 23, 2007

big helper

Anna has been my big helper ever since Madeline was born, always wanting to so what Mommy is doing. she is so sweet to her sister. whenever anyone asks me, "how has Anna been with the baby?" all i can say is, "terrific!" i am so blessed to have 2 daughters who love each other as much as i love them. now, if only i could get her to change diapers!


~love said...

cute! don't you love seeing them modeling what you do so naturally?! =)

Kelly said...

i love it when gavin helps feed owen... it's so much fun to have everyone involved!

Erin said...

Such cute sisters and friends! It will only get better as Maddie gets older and can play more. I love to watch my two girls when they are off in their own little world together.