Friday, October 12, 2007

working on it

so, it's been close to a year in the making, but i am half way through with Anna's new bedding. i still need to quilt and bind the quilt and do some pillows. i had grand plans for a big bolster/bumper for her daybed, but i'm quickly re-evaluating my time and frankly my talents. i keep pushing this aside for other, more fun projects like some Halloween decor and costumes, and still haven't finished some of the window treatments for the house. can you say too many ongoing projects? oh well, so since my quilting skills were VERY limited and i had blindly worked my way through several baby quilts with various problems, i decided to hone my skills via books from my neighborhood library. i think they helped. after several test quilt sandwiched, i decided to quilt outlining the flowers i apliqued on some of the squares. there are 18, after 2 1/2, my machine started getting clunky and eating thread. i am told it needs to be serviced. so, i am once again on hold. maybe someday i'll actually finish this thing!

ps: thanks to Tonya for introducing me to Amy Butler fabrics, and to Joanna for helping me track down the last one i needed, needing meaning obsessed over as the only fabric possible for competing my quilt!


Tonya said...

Those fabrics look soooo beautiful together...that is gonna be stunning once it is done!

My sewing machine is acting crazy we have time for those silly things to act up on us!

Very nice job!


Joanna said...

Britain, that quilt is beautiful! I love what you are doing! My machine is on the fritz too, after some heavy quilting last week. I hate to wait for it now that I've gotted started on some of the many projects I want to accomplish.
Was applique-ing difficult to learn? Did you do it by hand? I really like your work and I think quilting around the flowers was a beautiful idea. Way to go!!

britty said...

thanks ladies. Joanna - i though the applique was easy, but i didn't do it by hand and i would never want anyone to inspect my "decorative machine stitching," but overall i'm happy with the result. can't wait to see some of your "heavy quilting.

Kelly said...

oh! it looks beautiful. i'm way impressed, applique? wow! don't you just love amy butler, she's the best.