Wednesday, October 10, 2007

what is it about golf?

for the record, i hate golf. i'm not good at it, and i don't find it enjoyable enough to try to get better. last Christmas my dad introduced Jason to the full game of golf. up until that time he had only hit balls at a driving range. the results, he finds any excuse to go golfing, has bought golf specific clothing, and practices in the backyard as often as possible. i don't get it. but Anna apparently does. she loves it all! golf may be lost on me, but it's good for some daddy-daughter time in the backyard.


Autumn and Barrett said...

Your backyard looks awesome - last time we were there the grass wasn't in yet. Encourage Anna's golf interest. Girl plus golf equals an awesome scholarship. I know I said awesome twice but am too tired to think of another word that means...awesome.

Tonya said...

that is pretty you can imagine...Jason is all about playing sports with the girls. They have every little pink version of every sport I think created!

Your yard does look great...when we last saw it, it was all sand...that green grass looks great!

Joanna said...

Is that your backyard?! It looks as big as a park! Isn't it difficult to water that much grass in AZ?