Monday, October 29, 2007

if i never clean up anymore vomit it will be too soon! my poor poor children had the stomach flu last week. it started with Maddie, no infant should ever have to be sick, it is too sad. then Anna got in on the act, it was too hard to deny her cries for food so even though she couldn't hold anything down, i fed her. so there were many clean ups. then Jason and I were hit. i had to tell him he was on his own. i did not have time for 3 sick children.

i made a sick bed for Anna, and i think she understood the concept of staying on it. however everytime she had to throw up, she wanted to cuddle, and that's when the magic happened. good thing we have a carpet cleaner! incidentally, i threw this towel away rather than attempt washing the banana chunks that ended up on it.

you can see it in Anna's puffy red eyes, she did not "feel so good."


Joanna said...

I'm sorry, Britty! Is everyone feeling better??

Erin said...

Sorry - throw up is no fun, no matter how old you are! Hope everyone is on the mend soon.
For being sick, they still look pretty cute snuggling on the towel together :)

Tonya said...

So far only Ava & Mia have gotten it...poor Mia...I agree with baby should have to go through that! She is over the flu now, just in time to get a tooth coming through...I actually think that is worse for her.

Thanks again for your hospitality and letting us invade your home for a few days. The girls liked staying at your "hotel" and it was so nice catching up.

Hope you guys have a happy Halloween!

Autumn and Barrett said...

So so sad, but that last picture of Anna and Maddie's snuggles is positively heartwarming. Hope everyone is feeling better!