Wednesday, September 10, 2008

date night

so, Jason and I readily admit that we are somewhat boring, at least by other people's standards. we are both pretty happy staying at home relaxing with the kids and then watching a movie when they go to bed. i know, boring. we do however, go to the temple monthly and also sneak in a dinner out with about the same frequency. so, when our friends offered us 2 tickets to the Counting Crows show, we decided to brake the mold and do something FUN!!!!
i like Counting Crows. their music was popular when i was in high school, but i can't say i've kept up with any new stuff. Jason was pretty clueless about them. but our neighbor Rich is a SUPER FAN. apparently if you are a super fan, this was the worst Counting Crows concert ever, but for us it was fun. i will say we were all on the same page when it came to Maroon 5, not all that crazy about them.


Leila said...

Britty I can't believe you! I think the comment about Maroon 5 could have been left out- I certainly would never even dream of dissing The Cure on my blog! Haha, we sure do miss you guys and I don't by any means think you are boring- we usually do the same (movie after Leila is sleeping).

Anonymous said...

Those are some GREAT pictures of Rich! Glad you guys joined us for the evening!