Wednesday, September 3, 2008

obsession confession

so, you may or may not know that i have a very serious obsession. one that i'm not sure many relate to. it has consumed me for many years, ever since my Friday night babysitter used to let me stay up with her. i've always done what i could to find it. at one point it became a daily habit. i'm talking about Magnum P.I.i don't know what it is, the intrigue, the characters, Hawaii, Robin's nest, the ocean, the fast cars, pretty guest stars, but i've been hooked for over 20 years. and now i know this obsession must run deep in my veins, because i've passed it on to the next generation:

we disposed of regular tv and now watch only dvds. luckily my brother gifted me with the first season of Magnum. the girls immediately fell in love. one day after her nap, Maddie kept saying "num, num." i opened the refrigerator, the pantry, anything to find the snack she was asking for. finally, she grabbed the dvd case and said in a very demanding voice, "num, num - show!" she was ready for her fix, and i can't blame her.
here's Anna on Magnum:


Sharone said...

oh, who does not love Magnum PI?? I have to confess I haven't seen it in years, but my personal vote for why it is so amazing is Tom Selleck's moustache.

Erin said...

AWESOME! I have a similar addiction I have passed on...Young and the Restless. My girls know all main characters and the pathetic plots! Embarassing!

i'm kelly said...

oh i hear you! i LOVE magnum as well. have for years. definitely jealous of your having the entire collection! it'll have to go on my christmas list.

Corbynn said...

haha brit i watched the first video of anna dancing and maddie staring at the screen over and over for a good fifteen minutes and i havent stopped laughing. i miss those hilarious children!