Friday, September 26, 2008

to the theater

so, the Hale Center Theater here in Gilbert puts on children's plays every summer. this year it's Cinderella, so i knew Anna would be thrilled. i told Jason about it and he said, "let's all go!" this was slightly astonishing to me since the idea of taking an 18 month old to a play sounded difficult to me, the one who usually takes her places. but he insisted it would be great, and as usual, he was right. they were both a little scared of some of the louder things about the experience, but overall they were enchanted by the lights, music, and magic of their favorite princess. and Jason and i were captivated by out two favorite princesses, what a great Earl family outing!

this is the best picture i got of all three of them together, even at intermission i could not get the girls' eyes off the stage.
afterward the cast forms a receiving line for autographs and pictures, Madeline would have none of it, but Anna thought it was too cool to meet a "real life Cinderella!"
here's our little lady who was so well behaved, until we left. Maddie, thanks for saving the tantrums for the car!

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Sarah said...

How fun! I can only imagine how much Anna loved that. Lucy would have been in heaven.