Monday, September 15, 2008

the morality of Magnum

so, you may remember my recent post about Magnum PI in my children's lives. it's true, i'm obsessed. but tonight, Magnum taught us a lesson. our regular Family Home Evening routine is to let Anna and Madeline flip through issues of the Friend choosing a "lesson" while i make dinner, then Daddy comes home, we eat, play a game (usually "naughty bear" a game Anna made up which basically means Daddy pretends to be a bear, chasing the girls around the house until they use their water powers on him to turn him back to Daddy, i must get a video of this game), then it's time for the girls to present their chosen lesson. Anna explains what she's extrapelated from the pictures, and i follow up with the actual story. tonight, Anna chose Bullies and Brothers. now just to set the scene, i'm a little emotional this pregnancy, so i got choked up explaining how the girls were mean to Heather and called her names, but her big brother stood up for her. then, during the family discussion portion of the evening Anna said, "Dad, today on Magnum, Rick called Higgins a snob. that wasn't very nice. i would tell Rick to apologize" it's good to know that my obsession is correlating so well with our family gospel instruction!


Anonymous said...

That is pretty darn funny! Good for Anna for being able to incorporate gospel principles into every day life. We love your girls!

It was fun to visit on the porch tonight. I look forward to many (cooler) nights visiting with our great neighbors!

erinTphotography said...

So cute, we still do make it up as you go FHE and my kids are already 6 & 7. Time for me to buckle down.