Friday, September 17, 2010

going to the park - California style!

we got in to my parents' house at 2am on Thursday, and then left at 9 so wedding prep could begin.  after a fun breakfast at Arthur's (Jason had never been.  what?) we were a little stumped on what to do for an hour before we could check into our hotel.  then it hit us.  we were driving with the windows down.  it was cool outside.  we could do whatever we wanted!!!!!!  we went to the park, the outside park!

Avery loves the "baby swing." she could stay in here for hours on end.

"look mom, the slide isn't burning my rear!"
Madeline is the sweetest big sister.  unfortunately, Avery is a bit of a tyrranical baby sister.  she takes so much advantage of Maddie's sweetness.  she'll grow out of the terrible twos, right?  here they share a moment of harmony.  see, Avery isn't kicking, hitting, pulling hair, or biting.  what a happy day!
my sweet little model, always has a pose she wants me to capture!
we just don't have parks like this in the east valley, everything is too new.  i love all the old archetecture, like these "castle steps", the old shady trees, the green grass, cool air.  okay, summertime in AZ makes me a little homesick.  especially when it's starting to be autumn everywhere else!