Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sundays...will i ever have it all together?

i snapped some pics of the girls on Sundayas we were waiting for Jason to be ready for church
they reminded me of this post.  it seems like i'll never be on time for church.  it brings me back to the whole nature vs. nurture argument.  is my tardiness hereditary or learned behavior?  this is a rhetorical question by the way.  (i pretty much know the answer)  in the mean time, i'm just going to find peace in the fact that we are actually going to church each week late or not, and that the girls seem to be learning and growing in the gospel. 
Madeline was all pictured out. 
even though Avery wouldn't sit still, i still love this shot.
truly, my ham.  Anna is always posing.
oh man, i love these faces!!!


dustin and amy said...

I love Anna and Avery kissing! My favorite!

The Momma said...

Britain:Your girls are adorable!! Ronda