Thursday, September 30, 2010

aunt Corbynn gets married!!!!

it's a little hard to believe, but my baby sister is now a wife!  and she was a beautiful bride!
 we had so much fun in California, hanging out with our family and preparing for the big day.  the girls were so excited to be flower girls again.  it was beautiful being able to attend the Temple with my siblings, i'd never had a chance to do that before. 

also exciting, being the photographer, bridesmaid, and mother of 3 fo the 5 flower girls. i could not have pulled this off with out a diligent husband, and an awesomely talented, and immensely fun second shooter, my cousin Erin of Erin T Photography!
it was really great to meet Ty's family and know that my sister was welcomed with open arms into their family. 
i love these next two shots because they show how quickly families can grow:

one side effect of shooting the wedding while being in the wedding was i misplaced my camera bag for a small lifetime.  i turned around to leave the Temple and it was missing.  panic ensued, but i kept it inside, i soldiered on to the luncheon, praying someone i knew had grabbed my bag to "help" me.  slowly, i eliminated this as a possibility, my bag (lenses, laptop, cell phone, wallet, etc.) was simply missing.  so was my husband, because he had gone on a detectives mission to FIND my bag.  i love this shot Erin grabbed, this is Jason after finding my bag:
once that craziness was over, i felt SO much better.  and i was able to be in the moment again.  doesn't Corb look happy!
my brother and his cute little fam, including my super sweet new nephew Charlie!

Erin and I took the happy couple down to the beach for some bridals.

later that night we rocked the reception with fun times for all and a little photobooth for guests (or photographers) to ham it up!
my little angels didn't last long at the reception after this fun day!  Maddie fell asleep in her pasta, and Avery conked out in Jason's arms.  but before that, they had a great time!

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