Friday, October 1, 2010

one exciting night!

every Conference weekend my super sweet neighbor Carrie always seems to plan a fun park picnic for us to have with the kids while the Dads are in Priesthood session.  this year was no exception.  a bunch of us gathered at the park in Layton Lakes.  pizza and homemade goodies were shared. (i need that sticky rice recipe Melinda.) and the kids played in the very warm late afternoon.  some of the ladies who came from about a mile further east, noted that a dust storm was coming.  a few packed up.  the dust storm came and was bearably.  the kids were occupied, so a few of us decided to wait it out.  then came the rain.......first a sprinkle....the dark clouds loomed, so i started packing up.  no sooner had the girls joined me to leave, did a torrential downpour let loose, the likes of which i have never seen while outdoors.  my family, along with 4 or 5 others, huddled under the tin picnic cover to wait it out.  then came the hail!  it beat on the aforementioned tin roof so hard my girls were crying in terror!  i lifted them onto the picnic benches so the hail stopped hitting their legs.  i can tell you, that hurts!  i told them it would stop soon, we just needed to wait so we could make it to our car without getting drenched.....then came the wind!  once the wind started whipping the rain in sideways, we were already soaked, so we made a run for it.  the poor kids were bawling, but i couldn't stop laughing.  it was hilarious.....and a little bit fun!  i've never been this wet without jumping in a pool.  we drove the 1/2 mile home, and by the time we got in the house, the storm was over!  i couldn't stop laughing.  here's a look at the aftermath, their blurry, but they tell the story:

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