Tuesday, October 12, 2010

happy birthday to Avery!!!!!

 i felt relieved knowing that it was Avery's second birthday that would occur a week after Jason's accident.  and older child might totally realize they were getting jipped out of a good party.  but we did our best.  the birthday girl picked out a party hat and some disgusting (cake and sprinkles) ice cream for her party.

we lit the candles, sang happy birthday, and ate the aforementioned disgusting ice cream.  (i should note, the kids loved the ice cream.  but most adults would call it yucky!) 

then, because i have really awesome neighbors, who are always thinking of helping others, i took the girls to Bounce Jungle for a bouncy good time.  (those pics are on my video camera, and once i upload them i'll add them here.)  Avery was skeptical at first, but then bounced her little heart out! (photos below)

later that night, Avery opened her present - a babydoll!  meet Baby SuSuSa.  she is Avery's pride and joy!

dear Avery,
what can i say?  you are simply the best two year old girl in the world!  you really know how to give us a run for our money.  you love to joke and play.  laughter is the medicine you bring to our family.  you are best friends with your big sisters and the biggest helper.  you love to do chores around the house, and even stop the big girls from doing jobs so you can do them yourself.  i have never met a girl who knew what she wanted more than you.  i hope you always keep your goals set high, with your determination, you can accomplish anything!!!!  thank you for being such a loving daughter and sister!  i love you.
love, Mommy

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