Friday, October 29, 2010

halloween...part II

Maddie and Anna both had their preschool parties on Friday.  so, i took Maddie and Avery to Apples to Zebras, and Anna went to her party.  it was no surprise that madeline wanted to be Cinderella for Halloween.  this is hands down her favorite princess.  i offered to make her a costume, but she opted for the "authentic" Disney costume from Costco complete with crown jewels and wand.
 i was kind of surprised that Anna chose to be a southern belle.  we watched some Gone with the Wind, and she wanted to be "the girl who all the boys wanted to marry."  i thought i'd try the green and white dress from the bbq, but she wanted pink of course. 

 the little girls were so cute at the party, playing all the games and getting candy.  Avery will be READY when she's a big preschool girl. 
 later that night, we carved pumpkins.  Daddy surprised me by being pretty capable despite his condition.  it was a fun day!

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